Dendy Oktariady

I am a professional make up artist based in Jakarta and Bali. I work with my heart and pay attention to small details to enhance my clients' natural beauty. In every project, client satisfaction is what I prioritize.


Makeup in advertising is one of the important elements to attract consumer attention. In the process of making advertisements, the right makeup technique can improve the quality of the appearance of the model or artist who becomes the brand ambassador. Usually, makeup in advertisements tends to be more bold and dramatic to strengthen the message to be conveyed. The use of flawless foundation, vibrant eyeshadow, and striking lipstick are the main choices in advertising makeup. In addition, the use of highlighter and contour can also give a sharper dimension to the face. By using these techniques, advertising makeup is able to create a professional impression and invite consumer interest to buy the products offered.

Beauty Shoot

Make up beauty for magazines is a service offered to produce a flawless and attractive look for models who will appear in magazines. As a make up professional, I will use the latest cosmetic products and techniques to create a look that matches the theme and style of the magazine. This type of make up not only offers expertise in applying makeup, but also provides skin care and advice in choosing the right products to maintain natural beauty. By using make up beauty services for magazines, models can have a stunning and professional look at every appearance.


Make up for magazine editorials is an art that requires high skill and creativity. In magazine editorials, make-up aims to create a unique and attractive look for the model to be photographed. Make up artists must be able to understand the concept and theme of the magazine, and apply make up with precision and detail. They must also be able to choose the right colors and textures to create a look that suits the editorial style. In addition, make up artists must also keep up to date with the latest make up trends so that they can always give their best. In the world of magazine editorials, make up is not just about covering up flaws on a model's face, it is also an important part of creating stunning and inspiring visuals.

Wedding and Prewedding

With our extensive experience in the industry, my Team and I can help you create a beautiful and perfect look for your special day. My professional make up team and I will work closely with you to understand your style and preferences, so that we can create makeup that suits your personality and needs. We use high quality make up products that will give long lasting and stunning results. From natural and elegant makeup to dramatic and stunning makeup, we can deliver a look that suits your wedding theme and concept. Trust us to give the best touch to your look on the most important day of your life.

Special Events

We provide special make up services for special occasions such as gala dinners and birthdays. The make up we offer can be customized to suit the theme of the event. By using high quality products, we can provide long-lasting and natural-looking make up results. We believe that every event is a precious moment, and we are ready to help you look beautiful and confident on every special occasion. Entrust your make up to us and enjoy a pleasant and satisfying experience.

About Me

I am a professional make up artist based in Jakarta and Bali, dedicated to enhancing my clients' natural beauty. With attention to detail and a passion for my craft, I strive to create stunning looks that leave my clients feeling confident and beautiful. Contact me today to discuss your make up needs!

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